Wipe the Tide flood relief campaign

Wipe the Tide campaign is a proactive response and fund raising scheme intended to ameliorate suffering resulting from the 2011 flood crisis that has affected Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and mainland Southeast Asia.

The campaign comprises the union of international-thinking volunteers to wipe windshields in Bangkok, and other cities in Germany, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Volunteers who would like to participate in and contribute to the campaign are asked to bring with them a squeegee, bucket filled with water and/or cleaning fluid, a donation box, and an eagerness to count money…and part with it for a greater cause — yet to be announced.

The first two official Wipe the Tide events were organized in inner-city Bangkok.

The first week’s event was organized in the latter half of October when a small group of nine international volunteers — three camera men included — raised some 27,000 baht in about two hours of wiping windshields in Bangkok.

Their second event was held on October 30, and seven groups grouped into about 45 volunteers united to wipe drivers’ windshields in order to raise another 131,000 baht in three hours of work.

Together, the two events so far have raised nearly 160,000 baht among about 54 volunteers in about five hours of service — not including time spent conducting planning, administrative, preparation and post-event accounting services.

A third event is scheduled for November 6.

The organizers are inviting environmentally-minded intellectuals who may have connections, contacts or ideas about how best to spend the money they raise.

Any environmental and/or humanitarian minded individuals who would like to contribute their time, money and ideas are encouraged to join the Wipe the Tide Facebook page

The campaign so far is showing promise thanks to the diligence and leadership of┬áMichael Biedassek, who has turned a friend’s good idea into action and construction.

Michael is a Thai-German resident of Bangkok who is originally from Germany. He represents Ramkhamhaeng University in addition to an organization in which he co-founded known as Bangkok Vanguards.

Following is a recent video interview he gave about Wipe the Tide campaign with Gereth Finch of Random Dreams podcast

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