USA was Thailand’s largest supplier of scrap metal in July: report

According to a brief published on about Thailand’s scrap metal imports in July this year, the United States was Thailand’s main supplier of scrap metal, with the kingdom importing about 71,000 tonnes from the US, just under half of all of Thailand’s scrap imports during the month (148,000 tonnes).

US scrap metal imported to Thailand in July 2015 represents a 90% increase year-on-year, the brief underlines.

Australia was Thailand’s second largest supplier with 28,000 tonnes, or about a fifth of all foreign scrap supplied to the kingdom in the month.

According to the data, Thailand’s scrap imports surged from the previous month by 28%, and more than doubled (123%)  on July, 2014, when it had only imported 66,000 tonnes.

Meanwhile, according to the Thai Metal Trade PCL, the FOB export price of scrap metal from the US rose from just under US$360 per tonne around the first week of July to just above $370 in the fourth week of August; In contrast the FOB export price of scrap from the Commonwealth Independent States – which includes Australia – dropped to just above $340 during the same period.

Scrap metal includes recycled iron, steel, lead and aluminium.


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