Special Thailand-USA weekend

This first weekend of July, 2011 is an important time for both Thais and Americans alike.

Come Sunday, July 3, Thailand will finally hold its highly anticipated national elections to form a new lower house in Parliament. The elections come after the house was dissolved in March.

Across the country of 60 to 70 million people, there are 375 constituencies, each comprising an average of 170,000 registered residents.  Tomorrow morning and afternoon, these constituencies will participate in the democratic process and elect a representative (Member of Parliament or MP) to sit in parliament in Bangkok.

125 more seats will be proportionately filled from party lists of the political parties which receive the most votes.

The outcome will see 500 new MPs to guide the future of Thailand, hopefully to last the entire four year term without being dissolved as  a result of ongoing socio-political turmoil.

Following the election — polling to be held nationwide from 9am to 3pm — the new parliament will attempt to form a the new government, likely to be a coalition government considering the current polarity of Thai politics.

As for the following day, Monday, July 4, 2011, when all of Thailand is discussing ballot results, Americans will be celebrating their 235th birthday: Independence day  marks the official signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

It will be a time where most Americans are with their family and friends watching colorful display of fireworks in the sky as well as having their own firework craze fest on all the streets across the country, filling neighborhoods’ air with smoke and lights galore.

This weekend, Thais and Americans should honor their nations’ foundations and commitment to democracy and liberty.

It’s not just another excuse to go wild but rather to honor our roots as to prepare for a prosperous future. Therefore, it is hoped that Thais and Americans will abstain from irresponsible behavior over the weekend and beyond. Good Spell !

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