Many initially come to Thailand and Southeast Asia on leisure and/or as a student. Eventually, most will be wooed by the Asian charm and develop a desire to live and stay long term, yet may find it necessary to seek part or full time employment in order to sustain and prolong their stay. Some will live and work in the country and region for several months to a year; others will make a life and create a family here.

Education (teaching), Modelling, Fashion, Journalism, Tourism, Hospitality and Property Development are among the sectors which are most common for foreign visitors and expats to seek work and employment.

If you are seeking employment, this section of Thai Uni Net allows one to search for job opportunities currently and recently on offer in Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia, and elsewhere in the world.

Simply type the job and geographical location you are seeking in the forms of the search engine below.

For example, if you’re looking for a teaching job in Chiang Mai, type ‘Teaching‘ in  the ‘What’ field and ‘Chiang Mai‘ in ‘where’ field, or if looking for a hotel job in Bangkok, type ‘hotel‘ in ‘What’ and ‘Bangkok’ in ‘Where’, etc.:

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