In College, you’ve generally got two poles of folks: those dependent on their folks, relatives, and other sources of life support and student aid (e.g. government, military, social welfare etc.),  and those pushing their own way through school, independently self-relient. Many fall  somewhere in between; a portion of core budget handed down, while the rest must be earned and supplemented to make ends meet.

Whether needing to meet next tuition deadline, pay rent and utilities, book a long weekend beach holiday, and/or support a playboy-playgirl party lifestyle, a large proportion of students will eventually have to consider seeking part time, or even full time work in Thailand.

In Asia, especially Thailand, the face value of proper higher learning credentials is high. No matter how determined and experienced one may be, lacking a minimal four year degree will often obstruct getting that foot in the door of most potential employers.

Thus, Graduate Students with an Undergraduate degree under their belt already will have their preference in finding teaching and marketing work. Undergraduate students typically must take what they can get, struggling to find a day job that doesn’t clash with their study day-program. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Managing the communion for the bulk of international manpower and domestic clients are the almighty Agencies, aka Pimps. An agency will make a contract, oral and/or written contract with you the employer, and its clients, taking a percentage of what the client pays for your service.  Essentially, the Agent is the mediator between you and the client.

Though unstable option for long term planning, freelance work is often the ideal route for many for its scheduling flexibility and abundances in opportunities for those with adequate people skills and channels.  This section will provide you with useful resources for finding suitable  sources of supplemental income.

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