Political Turmoil Shut Down Academic Operations

Everyone might recall when the Yellow Shirts caused the shutdown of Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok late last year. Eventually they got their way as the democrats seized head of the government. Ultimately, this caused the red shirts to counter uprise in similar protest fashion, closing down much operations and blockading major streets in central Bangkok approaching Thai new years the second week of April.

It’s not the airport yet as is feared much, but still affecting business in a time of dire economic times. While following the regular Thai academic schedule, it’s summer time, but for those institutions on the international calendar, there are some indications from this colored shirt mess.

As can be read on Bangkok University’s homepage this announcement:

Because current traffic obstructions related to political activity in some areas of Bangkok have caused commuting difficulties for faculty and students, Bangkok University will be closed from Friday, April 10 to Wednesday, April 15, 2009. Classes and University’s administration will resume on Thursday, April 16.

…not that it’s a big deal for BUIC students whom rarely get more than three days off for the Thai New Years festival which typically lasts a week long throughout the country. For most tend to skip the class(es) preceding-proceeding Songkran week anyway.

It’s supposed that the biggest upset to these kinds of hindrances is the loss of money & business. On the flipside, it’s rumored that some protesters are being hired for 500 baht a day.. So if you don’t hinge at bomb threats or stray bullets common to Thai civil unrest, and need some extra cash, then…

…you’re better off with an Ebay Venture…Happy Songkran!

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