Pictures from Ratchaprasong Rally April 8th

Sawasdee Jao Thai Uni Net! Just got back from the rally at Ratchaprasong intersection. I took a walk all around the protest site and was surprised at how few people there were, I estimate no more than 2-3000. Everything was pretty mellow, although the speakers on stage were giving their usual fiery diatribes.

Didn’t take a lot of photos as there was not much of interest happening.

Police gear at the back of Central World.

The Main Stage

A fitting metaphor for the current situation, haha.

I did get asked to do an interview for a European News Channel, but when they found out I was a BKK resident they didn’t want me anymore. They “only wanted tourists” LOL go figure.

So things are still relatively calm compared to last year, but I have a feeling they won’t stay that way much longer. How long can Abhisit babysit these red shirts?