Phuket FC vs Surat Thani preseason friendly match: Photo Gallery

Earlier this month, Thai Premier League Division One team, Phuket FC played Division Two Southern team, Surat Thani FC in a preseason friendly football (soccer) match.

The match was played at Phuket’s Surakul Stadium in Phuket city, with the home team winning 4-1. For the full match report, see this link.

Following are some pictures taken by one of the authors of the above article.

The photographer, Steven Layne, reserves all copyrights to each photo, and does not permit any commercial use without prior written consent. If any of the images are used for non-commercial purposes, attribution must be given (Photo by Steven Layne)

The photos below were taken with a China-made Fujifilm S-4300 bridge camera (maximum 26x optical zoom lens with f 4.3-111.8, 1:3.1=5.9). The shutter speeds used ranged from 160 to 1000. Indeed, quicker shutter speeds certainly are possible in the day light.

Hint: to see the full resolution of an image, click on the image, and then when the page reloads, click on the image one more time.


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