Notice to Teachers in Bangkok, March 12-14

The following email regarding precautions for certain areas to avoid addressing English teachers, and overall anyone in Bangkok who has logical sense:

Dear all,

In case you are planning to travel this weekend, please be informed (in case you aren’t clear) that the Red Shirts‘ march is scheduled to converge at the following places in the Bangkok area:

  • Wong Wian Yai, in Thonburi
  • Bang Ken
  • Lumpini Park, Rama IV and Silom
  • A couple places in Laksi

  • Bangna intersection at Suk 103
  • Din Daeng, near the field
  • Nonthaburi

  • Patumthani

  • Samut Prakan

Please try to maneuver around these locations.  No one really knows how big this will be, but as many fear a similar situation as last April’s riots, I don’t recommend a weekend night on Silom, for instance.

The trains are supposed to be running, with extra security, but at certain stations that seems improbable given present Red plans.

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