Dining, Food and Beverage

Thailand’s main highlight for many is its world renown culinary treats and offerings. All across the country you’ll find an abundance and rich variety of delicious and reasonably priced eats; In addition to world famous dishes such as Spicy Tom Yam soup and Thai-style noodles ‘Putt Thai’ or Pad Thai, other Thai culinary delights include minced meat and fruit salads (Laab and Yum), curries (Gaeng), salads, soups, and a wide selection and variation of stir fried dishes.

Complimenting world famous Thai cuisine, you’ll also find an array international menus on offer, particularly in larger cities.¬†On offer in Bangkok and Thailand’s other large and international cities such as Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen and Korat are all the popular international menus from US, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Korea, India and the Arab world

As most anywhere of the developed world, one’s appetite can certainly be sated in Siam. Whether its Sushi, Sherma (Kabob), Tacos, Pizza, Steak, Pasta, or Shark Fin Soup you’re after, you’ll certainly not go hungry in Thailand.

From posh five star restaurants and trendy local joints catering to local and international tastebuds, to any one of the American-influenced fast food franchises such as KFC, MacDonalds, and Burger King, Thailand has it all.

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