The last half-year after graduating University

Many folks following the Thai Uni blog might have been wondering about updates. The last post Jao Moragoat made on here stated that he had filed for graduation successfully. Half a year later, an update is due. He completed his final four courses late December 2010 with straight As in all four subjects, making his final Grade Point Average 3.86.

By early February, he flew back home to the US for the first time in more than 7 years. Catching up with family and friends, he also had the purpose of prospecting the situation and future opportunities. Considering a permanent or semi-permanent resettlement stateside, he took and passed the PRAXIS II: Elementary Education Content Knowledge primary school teacher exam — a prerequisite for teacher applicants who hope to land a job or internship in a public school as well as pursue a Masters of Education (M.E.) in primary school teaching.

Following the successful completion of the two hour exam, he even participated in a few interviews for prospective hi-need teacher training programs. The first interview over the phone was for Teach for America and the second one was a half-day “Demonstration Day” interview for a  Denver Public Schools – Denver University program called Denver Teachers Residency (DTR)

As the stars unfolded, perhaps a culmination of the competitive American market of over-qualified, unemployed career changers and the excess of fresh young graduates with their foot and ambitions well into the education scene eagerly seeking to fill the limited opportunities available in such a re-cooperating economy, teaching stateside would prove not be his calling.

By April 1, Jao Moragoat anxiously flew back to his family in Thailand and continued to examine his options, narrowed mostly down to teaching in Thailand. Two weeks later, he got a call back from the most desirable option: A Sub Editor position for Thailand’s third largest English language newspaper (which is partners with the country’s 2nd largest and largest expat web forum) Finally, his break had come.

The uncertainties about baby sitting ESL students, while his own son being neglected somewhere far away were over. His language and communication skills were to be utilized and valued, while he could maintain and advance them all the while serving a purpose to better inform greater world economy; none of which would have been possible without having persevered all those years in University.

And the learning has only just begun…stay tuned.

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