Free Higher Education for the Masses

Courtesy of the developments of the Ministry of Education and University Affairs is Thailand prime channel for distant and cyber learning.

If pure knowledge is what you seek, gain unlimited access to free knowledge and information at Thailand Cyber University, with thousands of pages of course and subject  material on everything from Information Technology, Engineering, and Practical Sciences to Language, Culture, and the Arts.

The systemless system promotes the idea of learning at one’s own pace, though without the essence of pressure, there appears a lack of incentive to progress and revise.¬† The ubiquitous access format is indeed, raw in stage and continuing progress and development.

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Learning Management System TCU

Registration is painless and simple. For those who wish to formally gain legit credentials are with limited options at this time.

There are channels to certification courses and degree at the undergraduate and graduate levels formally held at one of the dozen of partner Universities.

Currently, there are only three undergraduate in Thai and one graduate international program, such as:

  • Chulalongkorn University Thai program offers a B.Sc. in Software Development. Its Faculty of Pharmacy International program offers a M. Sc. in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.
  • Naresuan University in Phitsanulok,Thai program offers a B.B.A. in Management in Tourism

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