Finalising the Final Four Finances

Every freshmen, sophomore, junior, and especially senior looks forward to the the day when they can finally say, ‘I did it! I finally graduated!’

Before one gets to that that day, however, they must first arrive to the day when they register for their final semester of classes, and the resulting day at the bank when they pay their last undergraduate tuition bill once and for all–no student loan debt to look forward to as do counterparts elsewhere in the industrialized capitalizing academia world. To read about exact tuition costs, keep reading.

After eight years juggling among academic, professional, and personal (family) worlds indulged in all entailed obligation and commitment, gradually chipping away at the required 130 credits for a four year communications degree, alas the Siamerican could finalise the pre-term formalities.

On that Mid August Tuesday, kicking off the first official term of Academic year 2010 for this ninth and final semester of Jao Moragoatt. Before his first two classes were to be attended at half eleven and two in afternoon respectively, the final Add-Drop rendezvous in the Bangkok University City campus Auditorium need be endured through a long morning through the hierarchical mazes of signature chasing, requiring the usual expected focus and patience dealing with required and redundant red tape paperwork.

Started at roughly 9.00 a.m., penetrating the half hour of eleven, the exam scheduling conflicts  were finally cleared and a final tuition bill could be issued.

The total tuition for this ninth and final semester came out to be 23,740 baht, bringing the tuition payments over the years to a grand total of 244,640 baht. Keep in mind, new students pay more now, so the same degree would easily cost more than 300,000 baht if begun now. Currently BU charges 2000 baht per credit and subject to rise in time. The Above rate was mostly at a rate of 1500 baht per credit hour, with 36 of the credits @ 1300/credit hour. Other than raw tuition credit hour fees, there is a handful of other utility and institutional fees that ammounted to between 5-6000 baht per term.

Following are some pics of the Add-Drop paperwork registration mayhem.

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