Final Semester Finally: Four Year Degree in Eight

This last semester of Jao Moragoat, aka the Siamerican at BUIC sees four courses on his schedule. Namely, a second year class, ‘ICA 212: Critical Analysis of Messages,’ scheduled late afternoon, Wednesdays, a third year course, ‘ICA 313: Writing for Public Information,’ scheduled late Afternoon Tuesdays, and two fourth year courses: ‘ICA 414: Communication Conflict & Negotiation,’ scheduled midday Tuessdays and ‘ICA 417: Political Communication,’ scheduled Friday midday.

Last Wednesday, July 28, the Siamerican picked up his pre-registration results (as initially executed online) and promptly paid for two 2nd and 3rd year classes. The other two courses will have to be added during add-drop period the first week of the semester (August 17 – 20) The reason he couldn’t get them initially during pre-registration was because of ‘Exam day conflicts’ something he has never had up until now.

To finally be able to say he is in his final semster is a time which has been much anticipated; nearing his completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts degree which first began in January 2003, almost 8 years ago to the date.

To date, his accumulative GPA is something like 3.8, and may drop slightly due to the anticipated low turn out of attendance with priority at his full time job as usual ensuring bills, debt, and child support continue to get paid.

Though a four year degree took twice as long to complete to the harsh realities and challenges of the real world for an independent adult working/pushing his own way through school on top of supporting a child, the important thing will be once and for all reaching the light at the end of this long tunnel.

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