Thai American Interesting Facts

Following is interesting facts about Thais in America, Americans in Thailand, Thai American people, history, facts, and figures:

  • According to the latest US census, there are approximately 200,000 Thai Americans, or about .05 % of the entire US population.
  • The first reported Thai people to migrate to the United States were the original Siamese Twins, In and Chan, natives of Samut Songkhram province. Coming to the United States in 1830, In and Chan settled in North Carolina, starting the Bunker line of decent, which still thrives today.
  • The first Thai student to pursue studies in the United States was Mr. He Thien (originally Thien Hee (Chinese: 黄天喜). Mr. Thien, or Phraya Sarasinsawamiphakh, who came over with an American missionary, graduated from New York Medical College in 1871, and was the father of former Thai prime minister (1957), Pote Sarasin พจน์ สารสิน.
  • Thailand’s beloved king, his Majesty Bhumipol Adulyadej, the ninth monarch of the current Chakri dynasty and the world’s longest surviving monarch of present times, was born at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on December 5, 1927, while his father, Prince Sonkhla was pursuing studies at MIT.
  • The biggest Thai community outside of Thailand is concentrated in/around the Los Angeles, California area, with an estimated 66% of all Thai Americans residing there. Los Angeles is often considered by many as Thailand’s 77th province (Thailand officially has 76 provinces), as it hosts the first and only ‘Thai Town’ in Hollywood.
  • More interesting facts coming soon.

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