The following pages, links, graphs, and resources include statistics and facts about both Thailand and the USA in regards to geography, economics, politics, demographics and census.

Geography and People

  • Thai and American people interesting facts. This page includes facts about famous and ordinary Thais in the USA, Americans in Thailand and Thai Americans.
Thailand  USA
Surface area (sq. km)
513,120 9,632,030
Population (millions of people)
65.1 (June 2015) 321.8 (Sep 2015)


  • Thailand-USA cash crops. This page has information about the two countries main agricultural products, including raw materials and derivative products.
  • An increase of chemical pesticide use over a five year period did not translate to increase yields for rice, rubber and cassava.
  • In July 2015, USA was Thailand’s main supplier of scrap metal. Click here to read more.