Thailand – Siam History

The Kingdom has officially been Thailand or ประเทศไทย Pratet Thai since 1939. Prior to that, the Bangkok-Thonburi centered kingdom of the current Chakri dynasty had been known as Siam since the late 18th century, when the seed for the present-day Thai capital was planted. Read more about Thailand history.

United States of America History

Founded on the pillars of freedom, liberty, justice, and democracy, the original thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain, officially in 1776, though the American Revolution would carry on several more years before a nation was born. After the great revolution, a young initial union of only 13 states rapidly expanded into the great North American frontier–acquiring new territory from the French, Spanish, and natives; An ancient and sacred land won via diplomacy, war spoils, and manifest destiny. Read more about USA history.

Thailand – USA Diplomacy and Relations History

American merchant ships are reported to have docked in Siam since the early 19th century, selling and trading arms, fabrics, and other goods, though Christian Missionaries were among the first Americans to propagate and settle the Southeast Asian-Indochinese peninsula.

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