Established by 1962 by by Mr. Surat and Mrs. Pongtip Osathanugrah, Bangkok University is one of the oldest and well known private Universities. The good thing about owning a city name is you know the University even if you don’t know the University.

There are two major schools, each with respective undergraduate and graduate programs; Namely, the  Thai language program and the International Program (English language), offering six undergraduate programs and two fields of graduate level –Communication and Business Administration

The Thai program is  centralized at the vast Rangsit campus (aprox. 265k square meters)in the northern suburbs of the Bangkok metropolitan area, where most of its facilities including dorms, soccer stadium, world class library and communication technology center are located.

The International program is entirely based at the compact (aprox. 15k square meters) city campus located at Kluay Naam Thai intersection of Rama 4 road in Klong Toey district of East-Central Bangkok. Some Thai program majors  e.g. Humanities require third and fourth year students to also study at the city campus, which boasts an auditorium, canteen, posh restaurant, student lounges, computer center, library, indoor basketball gym and fitness center.

The university is affiliated with Association of Southeast Asian Institutes of Higher Learning ASAIHL

Its total enrollment capacity is about 30,000 students.

The Thai program includes 9 schools in it’s Undergraduate program including

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Communication Arts
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Fine and Applied Arts
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Science and Technology

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