abaclogoUndisputed as Thailand’s first international college, Assumption University, commonly referred to by its former name, ABAC, was originated from Assumption Commercial College in 1969, changing its name to Assumption Business Administration College in 1972. Accredited by the Ministry of University of Affairs in 1975, it gained official recognition as Assumption University in 1990.

ABAC or AU is one of the most well known international universities in the kingdom, consistently boasting the highest foreign (non-Thai) enrollment by far. Though proclaimed a non-profit organization, affiliated with Catholic Brothers of St. Gabriel, technically AU is a Private University with medium tuition fees, and a strict academic and dress code reputation.

AU has three campuses: Its original campus is at Hua Mark near Ramkhamhaeng,with a rural near Suvarnabhumi International Airport receiving expansion focus. Finally, there is a small campus (center) located at Central World plaza in central Bangkok.

There are currently nine  faculties with  39 programs for the undergraduate program and 12 faculties with 36 graduate programs  as is :

Undergraduate Programs:

School of Management

  • B.B.A Accounting
  • B.Econ. Business Economics
  • B.B.A. Business information Systems
  • B.B.A. Finance and Banking
  • B.B.A. Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • B.B.A. Industrial Management
  • B.B.A .Management
  • B.B.A .Marketing
  • B.B.A .Property Valuation  Managment
  • B.B.A .Real Estate

School Of Risk Management and Industrial Services

  • B.B.A .Life insurance
  • B.B.A .Property and casualty insurance

School of Arts

  • B.A. Business English
  • B.A.Business Chinese
  • B.A. Business French
  • B.A. Business Japanese
  • B.A. Contemporary Music writing and production
  • B.A. Music performance
  • B.A. Music Business
  • B.A. Professional Music

School of Nursing Science

  • B.N.S Nursing Science

School of Science and Technology

  • B.Sc. Applied Statistics
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Information Technology
  • B.Sc. Technology Management
  • B.Sc. Telecommunications Science

School of Engineering

  • B.Eng. Computer and Network Engineering
  • B.Eng. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.Eng. Metronomic Engineering
  • B.Eng. Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering

School of Communication Arts

  • B.A. Advertising
  • B.A. New Media Communication
  • B.A. Performance Communication
  • B.A. Public Relations
  • B.A. Visual Communication Arts

School of Biotechnology

  • B.Sc. Agro-Industry
  • B.A. Food technology

School of Architecture

  • B.Arch. Architecture
  • B.Arch. Interior Architecture

Graduate Programs

School of Management

  • M.Sc.  Supply Chain Management
  • M.Sc. Financial Economics
  • Ph.D Business Administration

School of Science and Technology

  • M.Sc., Ph.D.  Computer Science
  • M.Sc., Ph.D. Information Technology
  • M.Sc., Ph.D. Telecommunications Science
  • M.Sc., Ph.D.  Technology Management
  • M.Sc.  Data Management and Analysis

School of Engineering

  • M.Eng  Broadband Telecommunications
  • M.Eng Industrial Automation and Power Electronics
  • M.Sc.  Telecommunications Management

School of Law

  • LL.M., LL.D.  Business Law
  • LL.M.  Taxation Law

School of Biotechnology

  • M.Sc., Ph.D.  Food Biotechnology

Graduate School of Business

  • M.B.A. Business Administration
  • M.B.A. Tourism Management
  • M.M.  Organization Development and Organization
  • Dipl.M. Organization Development

Graduate School of Information Technology

  • M.Sc., Ph.D. Computer Information System
  • M.Sc., Ph.D. Computer and Engineering Management
  • M.Sc. Information Science
  • M.Sc. Internet and E Commerce
  • M.Sc. Software Engineering

Graduate School of Philosophy and Religion

  • M.A., Ph.D. Philosophy
  • M.A., Ph.D. Religious Studies

Graduate School of Psychology

  • M.A., Ph.D. Counselling Psychology
  • M.A.. Individual and Family Studies

Graduate School of Education

  • Grad.Dipl. Teacher Education
  • M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction
  • M.Ed. Educational Administration
  • Ph.D  Educational Leadership

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