The Hospitality Industry encompasses Tourism, Hotel, Airline, Reception,  Restaurant, Food & Beverage, Travel bookings, and other Service Business fields of work. With its economy backbone dependent on Tourism, luring millions of holiday goers to the kingdom every year, Thailand is an ideal place to take a course-program relating to Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Aside from the raw academic work, there are hundreds of Hotels, Spas, Resorts, Restaurants and Travel agencies to intern and work for. Following is a listing of International Hospitality and Tourism Programs on offer in the kingdom


  • Dusit Thani College offers B.B.A. in Hotel & Resort Management as well as Kitchen & Restaurant Management
  • Siam University IC Faculty of Business Administration offer B.B.A. in Hotel & Tourism Management.
  • Stamford IU Faculty of Business Administration offer B.B.A in Airline Business Management. Faculty of Liberal Arts offer B.A. in Hospitality and Tourism Management


  • Stamford IU offer M.B.A. in Airline & Airport Management and Hotel & Tourism Management

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