Christopher Wright Seminar at BUIC.

chris_seminar1On Friday, April 2, 2010, at Bangkok University campus, BUIC Seminar in Communication class was pleased to host a comical, entertaining, inspirational, and informing lecture about Cross Cultural Communications by special guest star lecturer, Thai English writer, comedian, and language school founder, Ajarn Christopher Wright.

In Thailand, Christopher Wright initially came to media attention with his unprecedented lineup of English learning – Thai language friendly-learning philosophy books.  His cutting edge curriculum was reinforced with a hit prime time television show, Chris Delivery, which continues to [after atleast] air new fourty minute episodes  every Friday nights, Channel 5 scheduled  21.20 to 22.00.

With a solid philosophy foundation, backed  by innovative edutainment showcase, a revolutionary bilingual approach has sealed national spotlight as a modern language and  culture professional and authority.

Implementing comic theatrical tactics to relay common daily scenarios , Chris backed by his cast consisting of co host, Tui Tui ตุ๊ยตุ๋ย, and featured guest stars, along with a team of instructors in representing his own language School effectively advise a primarily Thai student audience the ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ methods of learning, speaking, and learning to speak (English).

Unlike most contemporary and traditional ESL methodologies focused primarily on young children–which tends to oppress the native language (in this case, Thai) from the learning process–Chris and company’s bi lingual, cross cultural approach proves to be more considerably pratical in the sphere of Andragogy,  realisticqally contrasting and interpreting observations and experiences through a a multi cultural platform scope.


For example, Chris identifies and addresses particular syndromes’ and ‘bad habits’  Thai learners of English are often faced with, such as overusing, underusing, and misusing of ending ‘s’ consonants.

Thai WikiPedia “Page of Christopher Wright

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