BUIC registration for classes: Term One, Academic school year 2008-2009

The fifth term in a five and half year period* started this last week and the Siamerican finds himself registered with 19 credits, classes scheduled on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as is the schedule that follows. Half of his classes were attended and thus far, the term is not looking disheartening

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Thursday: General Psychology; Communication Consulting and Training;

Friday: Managment; Introduction to Economics; Art Appreciation

Saturday: Media and Society; Communication and Development;

The Siamerican made it to school on Friday and today, Saturday as to get an idea of his classes, but chose to stay away from school on Thursday as to cool down after a scene he had on Wednesday morning in the city campus’s auditorium during the hectic class Add-Drop event.

To make a long story short, the Siamerican let impatience and arrogance get the best of him, taking his frustrations out on the University’s top man, the Dean himself, cursing and shouting in front of dozens of students and staff who could only pretend to be indifferent to the scene that very few could find the stress and guts to engage in.

The ineffective and system-less ‘circus’ that was in place had proved quite irritating and pressuring not only for students, but for the entire faculty that was in charge of straightening out student’s schedules and classes to suite each and everyone’s individual needs. On the bright side, such an redundant process has only one way to go in future times, and hopefully that’s towards a more systematic and effective system.

Nonetheless, after much contemplation and consideration, the Siamerican’s first agenda on Friday morning was to approach the Dean and make a gesture of apology in person, for whatever it was worth. The Siamerican realizes that yelling, shouting, and making demands of anybody, especially someone with prestigious shoes, is of no characteristic for a responsible adult, and best left in Kindergarten.

Initially after the dispute, the Siamerican ended up adding a different class on the University’s online system, than the one he initially intended for (which needed the Dean’s approval to add an extra seat to the already fully-booked class) and could move on with his life, taking one baby step forward towards the day, when he can leave the academia circle behind in Wonderland, and emerge fully into the real world of business.

Speaking of which, business has been busy as ever. The project that he has been managing is gradually moving forward, the monstrous state of California’s data gathering completion in the near horizon, of which the next states of Arizona and Nevada can be soon conquered. Building, managing, and maintaining a remote team has proved to be the ultimate test.

As for this semester, the Siamerican will diligently struggle to maintain the balance of academics and business, applying knowledge and application across the clashing boundaries of two opposing, yet similar worlds. However, as the Siamerican is no longer in need of a long-shot ‘perfect student’ scholarship and all the stress and politics it takes to convince the University to award such an honor, academics loses out on priority this term and here on. Rather than be determined to intentionally maintain the high GPA, the Siamerican will show up when he needs to and do his best when there, but will purposely award no stress energy to his academics, as he needs all the reserves he has to devote to the project which pays his bills, and will be his stepping stone into the real world.

In other words, there probably won’t be another blog here bragging about straight A’s or complaining about redundant systems, for that has already been covered. If anything, it’s get the C, Degree, as to Flee with Glee, and anything beyond that will be what it is.

Stay tuned…

*Initially starting the first half of 2003, after a trip back to the USA coming back to study all of 2004 at BUIC, 2005, 2006, and 2007 were an extended break away from the academic world, instead writing as a journalist/columnist for a English magazine full time, the while teaching English, part time.

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