Barbaric BUIC Late Registration Requires Reform

The first week of every semester at BUIC is a hectic time for many students and faculty alike. Though it’s not necessarily a demanding and stressful week academically, administratively it has proved consistently to be a day-time nightmare (daymare?), particularly on the last three days of this first week referred to as the ‘add-drop / late registration’ period, where students can add-register for open seats in classes they didn’t get in the initial registration (during the end of the previous semester a month or so prior), as well as drop undesired courses and/or change course sections for whatever convenience/conflict that calls.

‘Add-drop’ day is something that most veteran students dread and will avoid if they can help it, however, it’s an inevitable excursion to be executed at least once in one’s undergraduate days at Bangkok University International.
Despite modern ICT advances engulfing the world’s ways, processing BUIC student registration amendments in the first decade of the twenty first century has been primordial at best, requiring one to wait in long queues-lines, only to be sent to another long line to complete some unnecessary tedious task that wasn’ t made clear in the first place.

Hours can be lost acquiring a single signature; it’s no wonder, emotions, anxiety, and tempers are peaking these times when it is not uncommon for a student or staff to blow their lid in a shouting match.
This system of blind line waiting and dealing with un-empowered staffs is inefficient, in need of serious reform if BUIC’s administrative standard and reputation is to be on par with the rest of the evolving first world. While ICT (self administered online) is implemented at BUIC partially for early registration as well as add-drop for students who were able to complete / pay for pre-registration, there is no reason why every stage of the process including late registration can’t be completed digitally and remotely for the bulk of students, leaving conflicts which need to be solved in-person for the minority few, relieving unnecessary anxiety on both staff-faculty and students.


Moments before registration is scheduled to begin, here students tensely line up at an apparent starting line, (really just a separation in floor mats) preparing to race for a front place in the processing queue line.

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