BUIC 2008-2009 second term class registration

Meeting the payment deadline by Christmas, 2008, the Siamerican secured his seats for five classes the second term of Academic year 2008-2009, which will commence around the second week of the new year. This will be the sixth term he’ll study since initially beginning BUIC exactly six years ago.

Come January 7-8, it is likely one more class will need to be added during Registration add-drop period.

Including tuition for 15 credits, institutional, electricity, and more frankly, the  ‘academia profit fees,’ etc. the damage was a little over 28,000 baht. Note that new students as of this year have to pay 25% more than this, in that  every several years, the University business raises the tuition by 25% (as if the cost of living and quality of life was raising that quickly….sigh)

Unfortunately, the closer one gets to graduation, the less freedom they have in customizing convenient schedules, taking what they need when its offered.  And so here is the Siamerican’s schedule of five classes on four days for the beginning of 2009:


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Second year, ‘Man & Environment’ is apparently an advanced middle school Science class, who’s incubator was clearly trapped in Patriarchal delusions when presumably, ‘he’ named the course. In taking this, it was a choice between relearning photosynthesis and reinforcing global warming realities two hours a week, or troubling the head with impractical calculus book equations for four hours a week by taking the alternative, ‘Fundamental Mathematics’. The path of least resistance wins and it’s ‘Environmental Science’ on Tuesday morning.

Third year major requirement,  ‘Theories of Persuasion‘ on Wednesday morning topped with a fourth year major elective, ‘Communication Planning & Policy‘ in the afternoon. Thursday late afternoon-early evening calls for a third year major elective, ‘Corporate Relationship Management‘  (of the entire communication arts curriculum, students have to choose six out of only ten available ‘electives’)

Finally, Friday aftertoon will have another third year major requirement, Public Opinion & Propaganda, presumably yet another time-relevant media-political based class. If one class will need to be added, perhaps it will be the first class on the program’s curriculum, Communicative English. Luckily, if this coerced class for all students is the complete waste of time/money that is prospected, the University does offer a rare test-out option for this class credit, which is apparently as simple as matching words-definitions, and paragraph structuring elements.

UPDATE: January 8, 2009

IEN 105, Section 5331, Communicative English was successfully added to the class schedule upon paying the 4500 tuition + 200 baht elecricity fee.  Learning from last semester’s add-drop lesson, the Siamerican was sure to log in to the university add-drop registration protocal first thing on Wednesday morning to secure seats for the needed class, in which there were only two seets available for the section which he needed in order to avoid a schedule conflict.

This class fills in the Thursday morning’s 8.40 to 11.10, as well as an additional block from 12.40 to 13.50.

Details will be posted regarding the test out transfer option mentioned for this required, albeit rudimentary course, which for a native American English speaker with multiple responsibilities and obligations, might be reckoned an arbitrary use of Thursday’s waxing sun.

The alternative to testing out for no-grade transfer credit is to actually attend and earn a grade based on attendance and demonstration of competency with fundamental English communications. Stay tuned:

Modified Weekly Schedule


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