Asian students planning on studying in Thailand : It’s worth a consideration

It has been a trend in Asian countries for quite some time for Asian parents to send their offspring abroad for higher education, places such as UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA are a few countries which come to mind in less than a split second.

Lets be realistic people, in economic dire, why pay twice the price for half the lifestyle. Thailand may well be your remedy.

This article might help prospective students who plan to enter the Kingdom of Thailand to get a better understanding of Thailand and its world wide recognized  universities which are affiliated with other universities in the above mentioned nations among the global network.

Students and professors  from  around the globe come here to study and work. Therefore,international diversity is guaranteed ,visibly evident and this would benefit one who wants to be working for multinational organizations or any organization actually, or anywhere.

Thailand is one of the few countries which accept students for entry level after they have completed 5 O levels( Metric /grade 11/year 10) and  A level/FSC/intermediate level/High school grade 12) is NOT necessary. I on the other hand had 8 O levels and  2 years of high school and I ended up at the same university where you can enter  with the minimum requirements, I basically wasted morre than2 years.I had  to learn it the hard way but I guess that’s how I learnt. I hope this article can save you from this mishap.One does blame themselves of the past and wished they could have taken the right  decision.But also one wishes that why weren’t they  guided properly.

However; we can only  learn from the past and at least create awareness so that it does not happen to others. This article’s purpose is  for all the students around the globe who intend on graduating efficiently and saving precious time and money if they do plan to study here in Thailand.

The total duration of BBA courses are usually +-3.5 years. The total number of credits you need speaking off my own university are 129 credits( Most of the subjects are 3 credits and a minority are 1 credit).It is highly recommended that you plan behead of time which courses will be offered all year(Free electives) round and the which might not be ( Major courses) which are not offered all the time.

Take this as a WARNING as this might be the factor which can save you months or even a year for waiting for one subject!Trust me, I am  speaking from personal experience. The total fees ranges from approximately 260,000baht- 500,000 baht depending on which university. The accommodation varies as well , some universities have their own dorms on campus and some don’t.However; finding a cheap place to live near the university and also which is near transportation is not something to be worried about.

Sharing a place with friends can save you substantial amount of cash  if you are on a tight budget. If you are concerned about your privacy then you can also live find affordable places.  It isn’t that difficult at all to find a place by your own self  and as most know Thailand is considered the land of smiles, people will  be happy to help you.

Food,transportation and entertainment costs vary from person to person but it is much cheaper than going abroad from the asian region. Thai food is well known for it’s unique taste and spices. It might be difficult to adjust first, but once you develope the taste, you are hooked.

There are numerous restaurants,fast food places,hotels that provide international cuisines but all vary in prices,if you want to cook at home you can find all the materials you need from the local Tesco lotus,Big C etc..The best part is that it is close to your native country IF you come from Asia,so you can be saved from  feeling home sick and can visit your country often and quicker as compared to if you studied in Europe .eg. It is only four and a half hours away from my native country…Pakistan also homefood ( desi food) can be found easily.

Students who are eager to establish themselves financially can also find part time jobs. The most common part time job for students is  teaching/private tutoring English and primary subjects to the local Thai children .This a good way to earn some cash. Jobs can be found on the net or by local newspapers such as Bangkokpost(classified) The Nation .

Even though, I’ve personally never had to get a job here out of necessity (but for how long, we’ll see)

this is  khan007 signing out

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