BUIC 2007-2008 second semester Grade Announcements

Alas, all of the Siamerican‘s grades have been announced on Bangkok University’s online University Record System Access (URSA) . At this point, there is only good news to be reported here.

Despite all previous uncertainties and rants of constructive criticism on this blog about the University’s examinations culture and procedure, the traditional, albeit ineffective assessment system has painted the Siamerican as a top student, yet again.

For this fourth semester since January 2003, it is confirmed that the Siamerican has achieved his first unflawed 4.0 semester, adding 18 credits to his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Arts’ transcript now at 54 out of 129, confirming him as a seasoned sophomore.

In each of his previous semesters years ago, he had always come a hair short of straight As with one or two classes that provided the disappointing B+, keeping his GPA at a just shy of perfect 3.9 prior to returning to the Academic scene as a transfer student earlier this year.

While reassuring to know that predictable systems can be evaluated, persevered through, and mastered, the down side now is a high standard has been maintained demanding consistency in the next term for hard and dedicated academic focus. Part of the Siamerican was actually hoping for a few Bs and/or Cs as to bring his GPA down, triggering a complete loss of faith in the system, and thus take off the pressure for being consistent to a high standard, allowing him future mediocre terms of less-stressing commitment to grades.

In any case, the next two years of academics, business, and personal prosperity will call for a continued high level of commitment and dedication to excellency and perfection.

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