The Thailand-USA portal and hub was erected by the Siamerican Wanderer in early 2008 for the purpose of providing a central platform for communion and duality among the Thai American community, society, potential, ideology, and mentality.

The prime Siamerican, aka Thailand-USA objective is to build a fruitful, strong and beneficiary network among like minded individuals to commune in building, maintaining and propagating the Thailand-USA legacy for our kin to inherit in an ever-expanding, yet ironically shrinking world.

If you fit the target demographic and psychographic specifications–meaning you are a Thai American, an American, or Thai with 101 percent loyalty and connections to both countries–don’t hesitate to register and take an active role in the future of our destiny.


Pro-active Writers, Editors, Thinkers, and Observers of like backgrounds and minds.

Thailand-USA.com editorial teamĀ is interested in discussing and negotiating partnerships and affiliations with like minded individuals, groups, agencies, corporations, movements, and companies that could and would mutually benefit from the Thailand-USA tree.

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